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Mount Chair or Swing


Most Likely


20-6o minutes

Mounting hardware not included.

Fast+ available

(NOTE: link Fast+ to a popup saying it can be done last minute. We have the needed tools and items in our vehicle.)


Mount a heavy object such as a swing, chair, hammock or etc. to the ceiling or walls. Mount is intended to sustain the weight of a person’s body up to 300lbs.

Can be mounted interior or exterior.

We Guarantee

✓  You only pay if we can mount it

✓  The max estimate is listed above, unless notified before service.

✓  Ott Jobs LLC is insured to cover property damage if not mounted properly.

✓  Discounts available for purchase orders over $150

Price Range

Factors which affect final cost:

  • Attic Inspection
  • Hardware & chain assembly
  • Mounting to concrete

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