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How do you price a job?

1. Hourly rate.
Every handyman has an hourly rate based on their experience & skills. It begins when they knock on your door, and ends when they walk out. This rate and number of hours serviced will be listed on your invoice. 

    1. There is a minimum 1 hour service charge per visit.
  1. Rates go by increments of 15 minutes, but if we finish within 5 minutes, there is no charge.
  2. If we need to shop for you at a store first, the hourly rate begins when we walk into that store.
  3. We charge for drive time between locations.
  4. Any break times during our service will not be charged on the invoice.

2. Cost of Materials.

If we use more than $5 worth of materials during a visit, this expense will be added to the invoice.

  • Receipts are provided on request. Some materials are stocked in the vehicle, and have no receipt. They are priced by current local store listing.
  • You’ll be notified if material costs will be in excess of $100. 

3. Cancellation/ Rescheduling fee

If a task needs to be cancelled or rescheduled in less than 24 hours, you will be invoiced for a 1 hour service minimum.

4. Outside work area fee

You will be informed in advance if this fee applies to you.

In order for us to prioritize our model of servicing small tasks lasting 1-2 hours, we must visit multiple locations in a single day. For this reason, we have a small service area which is displayed on our front page.

If you need service outside this work area, we will calculate the travel fee for you and let you know in advance.

The fee is calculated by adding the additional travel time the handyman must make to be over 20 minutes outside his work area based on Google Map directions.

For instance, if the handyman charges $50 an hour, and Google Maps shows it takes an 30 minutes for his house to reach you, then he will notify you of a $16.5 travel fee.

He subtracted 20 minutes from the total time, giving him 10 extra minutes to get to your location, and 10 minutes to return to his service area. The total extra travel time is 20 minutes, or 0.33 hours. At an hourly rate of $50, this is a $16.5 travel fee.

The rate is provided to you in advance and locked in. If traffic conditions change the travel time, you will still only pay the travel fee provided to you.

What kind of work do you do?

Any maintenance, repair, or assistance task which does not require special skills or a license is within our realm. It is our job to notify you if a task cannot be performed by us, so there’s no harm in asking!

Since our mission is to be available for the odd jobs, we typically do not accept large projects which cost more than $400 in labour. 

Please visit here for a more detailed breakdown.

Why are you called "Ott Jobs" ?

It’s a play on words.

A typical contractor prefers a large workforce, big renovation projects, specialized skillsets, and runs an expensive overhead. We think of them as beavers building dams.

We focus on servicing the small, odd jobs in your home. These require a single person who is clever, friendly, and with low overhead. This is what otters are known for! 

So count on our Otters to handle your “Ott” jobs!

How do I pay an invoice?

You can pay through any method listed on this page.

Please include the invoice number in the description if you can.

If an invoice was paid, but is still showing as unpaid, don’t worry! There are no late payment fees, and it can take us up to 48 hours to process the payment.

What makes you guys different from other handymen?

The simplest difference is that we’re streamlined to service your small, odd jobs which only take an hour or two to complete.

These are the jobs a typical person doesn’t know how to do, but would waste a lot of time trying to DIY or scheduling the expensive and booked out professional.

For example, let’s say the dog chewed your trim, but it needs to be repaired before the family comes on the weekend. You can rely on us to get it repaired quickly!

We keep a very low overhead, are a jack of all trades, are very clever problem solvers, and stay in constant communication. 

Just remember that if you get stuck trying to do an odd job, we’ll always be available!

I have an issue with a service you performed

[Flat 30 days on all service, but contact and we might offer other options.]

Can I see your insurance and bonding documentation?

You can find it online here.