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The Crew

Kristian Snow








$65 hr

"I have long-term relationships with my clients, the kind that is built on trust & consistent good work."

Kristian Snow



Reliability is based on client feedback and updated once every 3 months. The evaluation takes into account the following attributes:

Intentionally reaching out to ensure information is received and correct.

Examples: sharing photos, updating you about project changes & providing clear cost options before moving forward.

Shows up with an eagerness to do the task, bringing positivity and joy in the interactions

How the person reacts under pressure.

When tasks repeatedly do not go as planned, the Otter remains calm, open-minded & makes right choices.

Consistently arriving within the 15 minute scheduled time, or communicating if there is a delay.

Must maintain a high standard of quality in their work in relation to the cost. All services must demonstrate attention to detail, accuracy, cleanliness, and craftsmanship.

Willingness to accept the truth, communicate it, and find ways to build trust.

Kristian Snow knows & can assist you with the following:

Level 0
Level 0
Level 0
Level 0


Works with heights & tall ladders.

Operates hazard equipment.

Can rent special vehicles/tools.

Weight lifting capacity
0 lbs
Equipment Rating

Mazda 5

Can carry mid-sized items & supplies.

 !  Boards & 10 ft items are strapped to top.

Cannot carry large items.

Not suitable for moving days.

No more Otters left to show here!

for now...