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Our Mission

to bring peace of mind to the home owners & realtors of St. Petersburg in their struggle to get odd jobs done in the home.

We do tasks which are too difficult for a homeowner, but too expensive for a professional. Our smart, fast & reliable Otters are ready to complete your to-do list!

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Our Vision

Ott Jobs creates and fosters an exceptionally networked team of reliable handymen for tackling the small & inconvenient odd jobs homeowners face in their home.

Each handyman, or “Otter”, is supported by the entire team for backup and advice. Each Otter is rated by skillsets, social skills, training & pricing to offer you the best option for your needs.

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Company Values


Reliability is the most fundamental value of what we do. Reliability is how active we are in serving our client’s needs. It depends on these factors:

In our conversations, we listen to both the direct & indirect communication coming from our customers and adjust our plans accordingly. 

We take ownership of the tasks we accept, and the time we log. When mistakes are made, it is our job to correct them and bear the consequences. We are backed with a 30 day guarantee, and will take time off of our hourly service time if it was spent correcting errors from our work.

The industry standard is to say we will show up somewhere within a 4 hour time window. We recognize that clients have busy lives, and shouldn't be expected to tay available that long. If we cannot meet you within 15 minutes of our booked time, you will be informed about our new ETA and choose to cancel or reschedule without any fees. 

We do our best to respond to clients quickly, and inform of every new development as it emerges. An Otter helps a client understand the scope of a project, will ask more questions than less, and take photos & videos to help. 

True peace of mind can only come from results, not a show of effort and heroism. With a result driven mentality, we build value through simple solutions which reveal themselves from a place of humility.

How we manage our decision making process under pressure is more important than how good we are at swinging a hammer. Although our trade does not require specialized training and licensing, we believe character is the real skillset.

We strive to offer only what we can. You might hear from us the phrase, “I don’t have the answer yet.” Reliability is about accepting our limits, and especially avoiding the impulse to say yes. When something is beyond an Otter’s capabilities or equipped tools, he’ll check with his team and offer alternatives, even if it means losing his investment and future opportunity. 


Our talent is in effortless improvisation on a daily basis. The nature of our work demands us to habitually solve problems not taught in books or by procedure. 

For us, this means: to frequently imagine what will happen before we do something. Otters apply an extensive array of skills every day, and cannot rely on memory of procedure alone. We are proactive about seeing past the instructions to understand the intended results.

47% of people call a handyman only after trying to do it themselves. Otters always assume there is a deeper issue going on that even the client might not know about. It’s no offense if we question & doubt work which is easy for us. From the moment we walked in the door, we’ve already asked ourselves: Why did you need me?


AKA: never look at the same thing the same way. Otters do not conform to standard patterns of thinking, or assume if they’ve done it before that it will be the same way again. There’s more than one way to do something, and sometimes the extra 5 seconds of thought will save 60 minutes of labour. 

This means solving problems before they happen. We strive to identify and resolve potential issues before the work even begins.

Ask us if it’s our first time doing something, and we’ll tell you: it’s always our first time. Courage propels us to grow more, so we can serve more. It’s how we became a jack of all trades. A courageous Otter won’t say no until he’s spent time watching tutorial videos, asking his team questions, and ensuring it truly is outside his scope. 


We are always getting better in our personal development and skills. It’s non-stop, and there are clear rewards for every milestone our Otters make. 

" The degree to which a person can grow is proportional to the amount of truth they can accept without running away. "

A critical step to growth is being comfortable with who we are, and what we are.

There’s a saying; slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Speed is the fruit of patience. There is no step where our quality of work becomes poor & fast. It starts with poor & slow, becomes good & slow, then reaches good & fast.

Learning is not an emotional process. An Otter should not get distracted by the emotional feelings of praise and rejection. The practical, pragmatic approach of indifferent correction is the best learning experience.

Pride in growth happens as a team. A lone genius will suppress the inspiration of anyone underneath him. Personal growth always inspires and encourages others to believe in themselves.

Growth comes from the application of our personalized track program, which follows Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely goals. 

Everyone is at a different stage of their career & goals, and will be treated differently for it. The person who grows, learns and meets goals faster will be rewarded differently than the one who is taking his time.

We show appreciation and acknowledgement to each other for the contributions made which link to our company's purpose. 



There is a joy & eagerness which comes from knowing we are fighting your battles everyday, bring peace to the community of St Pete in a rare and valuable way. 

As high achievers, we exhibit a level of energy to our work that puts clients at ease and shows we respect the hourly rate system. 

Being a jack of all trades is a professional and lucrative trade in itself. The reason handymen have a bad reputation is because too many people think they have what it takes to be one. We’re only undervalued until we show up and prove just how much headache we can solve. Our service brings the community peace, adds years to their lives, and increases people’s hope for humanity.

We commit ourselves to doing the best job we can everyday as shining examples.

Ott Jobs provides our Otters the resources and support to serve their community, but ultimately it’s the Otters who make it all happen. It is their work, tools, and clients as self-employed, independent contractors. 

Modern society is used to clear & immediate trade offs. When goodness is not rewarded, it’s easy to lose faith. We resolve to not wait until we are compensated before we do good. Every seed that is planted must be watered; and although some seeds bear no fruit, others will produce it one hundredfold. A few bad experiences and wasted investments do not inhibit our efforts to continue to love the people we serve.


Our greatest investment is in each other. Whether it’s our own team or for a client, we talk like family and believe in each other’s hopes & dreams.

We intend to always be there for you, and to that end we make decisions which are best for the long term. This is why we stay genuine, do our best work, and follow up when something is wrong. You'll need help again, and we hope to be your trusted source when it happens.

Forget the corporate language and red tape, we’re always ready for a direct text or phone call from you. You’ll get to hear our personal stories on the job, and know exactly what kind of mold we were cut from. 

Not every handyman is going to be the right fit for your household, so we send the best fit from our team. We'd love to know what your values are, what kind of personality you like, and culture preferences you have.

"If someone is the most undervalued member of a team that serves, they are still doing better than the most overvalued member of a team that tries to take advantage."

There will be times for each of us Otters when the cost to maintain a supportive culture requires a bit of self-sacrifice.

Whether it’s time, knowledge or talent, each team member should invest into his family of Otters a consistent 5% of his working career. If they grow, they give more, and if they fall behind, they give less. Regardless, they're still giving the same amount of themselves to lift the family up as a unit.

Meet Our Otters

Owner - Kristian Snow
coming soon...

Creating A Place for Quality Handymen

   Ott Jobs LLC is a 2021 startup by Kristian Snow to bring reliable handyman services in a healthy, supportive work environment for those seeking growth.

Kristian is a missionary from Haiti who loves empowering people. After growing up there and serving for 8 years, he left to get an associate’s degree in business. While studying, he took on a side job as a handyman, and discovered how difficult it was for clients to find reliable people. He decided to start his first business to break that trend.

   He believes in making handymen a quality profession. It requires creating the right environment, family focus and training to grow. Currently, Kristian Snow is setting up the structure of the business and building a client base. He will be on-boarding more staff as things come together.